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Butch Rasmussen, AMS® - Marine Surveyor


Meet Butch Rasmussen, sole propriator of Carolina Marine Surveys, founder of Shiver Me Timbers (a marine air conditioning and refrigeration service company),   An entrepreneur from way back, Butch ran an HVAC Company for over 20 years in the residential/commercial industry.

Going sailing was a dream that he had and one day he decided it was time to act.  He and his wife Vicki bought a Westsail 32 and he proceeded to refit her to make ready to head out into the deep blue.

The refit was done by Butch who read (must have been a thousand) books, studied and then jumped into the project.  He replaced all the wiring, plumbing, tankage, rigging, installed a new engine, painted the decks, added custom touches such as a new sea hood he designed, beef up chain plates, etc.  The process was a tremendous learning experience and he found that messing about on a boat is about as much fun as a man could ask for!

Butch's love for boats and sailing evolved into a business.  When the wife announced that the funds had run out and that he needed to explore going back to work the thought occurred to him that he could turn his knowledge of the HVACR business into a marine business - thus the birth of Shiver Me Timbers, Inc.  After more than a decade of turning wrenches on boats, it was time for a change.  Shiver Me Timbers in Maryland was sold, which allowed Butch the time to do something he had always had an interest in - Marine Surveying.

Qualifications Include:

  • A specialist in Marine Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Graduate Chapman's School of Seamanship - Yacht and Small Craft Surveys
  • Graduate Chapman's School of Seamanship - Damage and Claims Surveys
  • ABYC Master Technician carrying the following certificates:

  1. ABYC Certified Electrical
  2. ABYC Certified Air  Conditioning and Refrigeration
  3. ABYC Certified Standards
  4. ABYC Certified Marine Corrosion

  • Awarded 2008 CruisAir Service Award
  • Over 14 years experience as Marine HVAC Technician with hundreds of satisfied clients
  • Over 30 years sailing/cruising/racing experience
  • Owner of two boats both of which he completely refitted (Westsail 32 and a Tartan 27)
  • Presenter at IBEX on Marine HVAC Installation
  • Served as professional consultant for the chiller system installation on "Olympus", the historic New York Launch built 92' wooden motoryacht.Continuing education is believed to be of paramount importance if you want to stay on top of your game.  Each year Butch attends seminars, conferences and training classes to ensure he can offer his clients comprehensive in depth knowledge and help guide them to sound decisions whether it is purchasing a boat or refitting a wonderful old yacht.  Insurance companies have found his vast knowledge and experience to be a true asset to them when investigating damage claims.

Vicki Rasmussen,The Beautiful Assistant


She has not only served as wife and companion to Butch for over 43 years, Vicki has served the boating industry in her own right over the years.  

The happiest day of her life was when she gathered up her suits and high heels, took them to the charity shop and put on her boat shoes to walk to work at West Marine.    Working for West Marine for a season while waiting to head south gave her some much needed knowledge about boat parts (you see she did not read the 1,000 books he did).  

After cruising, she too felt no need to return to the rat race.  Instead she went to work with Butch.  As fun as that was, she wanted her own thing so she opened a yacht brokerage company.  What a job.  Dealing with happy people (boaters) helping them live their dreams (boating), having fun every day!  After 10 very sucessful years, soon after Butch sold Shiver, she sold her company as well. Now they use Butch's knowledge, experience and skills to help boaters buy, refit or repair their boats.  Vicki's contribution to the team is simple - she makes Butch go to work!

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